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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Countdown to Christmas.......

The countdown for christmas begins with the halloween season for me. I work in a fabric store so i've been helping people with costumes all week long. I love the fall because the whole month of october is filled with halloween, november with thanksgiving, and of course all leading up to december with Christmas. I know alot of people get stressed out about christmas and say that its no fun, but i love it. Maybe its because i still feel like a little kid around christmas and my family's christmas traditions are so set that i cant imagine spending a christmas any other way. The first picture is from 1996 or 1997 i cant tell. (i'm on the far right) This picture represents christmas to me. I'm with my three sisters and my two cousins and my granny. Every christmas eve we go to my aunts house, we eat dinner, listen to music, talk and then open presents. Its just always a great time, and even though we're all loud and dont get along all of the time we just have the best time ever.

The bottom picture is a more recent picture, maybe 2 years ago. (I'm second from left, the little boy is my brother) We're in the same exact room, just sitting on the couch across from the tree instead of infront of it. I have so many pictures of all of us in that room opening presents and having a great time.

So I guess what got me started on this whole christmas rant is the halloween season, and the fact that we are being hit with a cold front right now. Its going to be 60 tomorrow! (i may have to break out a long sleeved tshirt) I've started planning out my christmas gifts, and we've started to decorate the store for thanksgiving and christmas. I know for some its a little early to be thinking about christmas, but for me, every month is part of the countdown to christmas!



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