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Thursday, October 19, 2006

So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, good bye!

Ok, so the sound of music reference might be a bit overkill, i'm not leaving my blog, just moving it! You may remember a while back i was whining about not knowing perl scripts and other nonsense like that, well i have decided to go with typepad as my new home. My new blog address is I will soon have my personal site, configured to redirect to my blog, but that involves a phone call to bluehost tech support during business hours.

For my last post on blogger i will share with you one of my favorite art projects, "My little pony in space" , I made this for a swap on craftster. After i signed up to make a customized pony, my mind went blank. It was only when i was on one of my many tours through hobby lobby when i found a cord of battery operated blinking lights. I thought they looked just like stars. My big plan was to cut the pony open from the bottom and shove the lights inside, but i severley overestimated the size of these "little" ponies. So one wooden fram and mat board later and ta da! My little pony in space was born! She has all 10 planets on her body, i believe that is jupiter on her hip and earth on her front hoof. She of course also sports an electric red mohawk, perfect for space travel! I hope i see you all at my new address!

Friday, October 13, 2006

Box full of cute!

I love sending people fun things in the mail. I love it when i get surprises so why not make those surprises happen for everyone else? This is for Jane in Australia, so this package has a ways to go. Jane if you're seeing this, the bottom picture will ruin half of the surprise......

I also really like wrapping presents, when it comes to the holidays I am always in charge of wrapping everyone's presents. If there was a career to be made in present wrapping I would be doing it. I found the orange and red wrapping paper at oldnavy on sale for 2 dollars. I love that its bright and fun.

Here is what is inside the little box. 4 life size (or close to it) fortune cookies. These little guys are made from felt and were inspired by the recipients wist list. I couldn't come up with a good way to have the fortune removable so on one of them i sewed a little tab of white to look like a fortune sticking out. If anyone has any ideas for the future about how to get the fortune to be able to come out and then go back in, please let me know! Also, if anyone is interested in how they are made let me know, they're super simple and i might right up a little mini tutorial for them!

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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Countdown to Christmas.......

The countdown for christmas begins with the halloween season for me. I work in a fabric store so i've been helping people with costumes all week long. I love the fall because the whole month of october is filled with halloween, november with thanksgiving, and of course all leading up to december with Christmas. I know alot of people get stressed out about christmas and say that its no fun, but i love it. Maybe its because i still feel like a little kid around christmas and my family's christmas traditions are so set that i cant imagine spending a christmas any other way. The first picture is from 1996 or 1997 i cant tell. (i'm on the far right) This picture represents christmas to me. I'm with my three sisters and my two cousins and my granny. Every christmas eve we go to my aunts house, we eat dinner, listen to music, talk and then open presents. Its just always a great time, and even though we're all loud and dont get along all of the time we just have the best time ever.

The bottom picture is a more recent picture, maybe 2 years ago. (I'm second from left, the little boy is my brother) We're in the same exact room, just sitting on the couch across from the tree instead of infront of it. I have so many pictures of all of us in that room opening presents and having a great time.

So I guess what got me started on this whole christmas rant is the halloween season, and the fact that we are being hit with a cold front right now. Its going to be 60 tomorrow! (i may have to break out a long sleeved tshirt) I've started planning out my christmas gifts, and we've started to decorate the store for thanksgiving and christmas. I know for some its a little early to be thinking about christmas, but for me, every month is part of the countdown to christmas!


Tuesday, October 03, 2006

A calendar quilt

This is my latest work in progress, a calendar quilt, one block for every month. This is the december block, i'm not doing them in any particular order, just whatever fabrics i have on hand that will work with the pattern. I found the patterns for these blocks through a craft-a-long on craftster. I dont think that the quilt will be very practical because of all the stitching on the top makes it a little stiff and rough, but i think its going to look great, very rustic and folk art with the rough edge applique and the blanket stitch. The christmas lights and the rope the dog has in its mouth were embroidered on. Everything else was machine appliqued.

Here is my July block, i haven't decided if i'm done with it yet. I think the dog needs a collar, and the house may get a mail box. I'll be posting more of these throughout the week as i make them!

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Monday, October 02, 2006

My first quilt show!

I went to the Austin Area Quilt Guild's show today and it was great! I was really amazed at all the quilts, its very inspiring and i can feel ideas for art quilts brewing in my mind. I have a thing for flamingos, i'm not sure why, but this one on the left is gorgeous, so much cooler in person. I need to apologize for my photos, i'm a horrible photographer to begin with but this place had bad lighting too, so sorry guys!

This fish was my favorite quilt at the show, it looked like the head was pieced and all of the scales were small circles of fabrics sewn on. I have a detail shot in my flickr, as well as many more of the quilts i saw at the show.

I love the big crazy dragon guarding the castle, and the jagged edges, just amazing!

This quilt show was just a warmup for november, i'm going to the Houston quilt show with my sister, and I think its one of the biggest shows in the country. I'm very excited to see Heather Bailey's new line of fabric up close and in person, and of course all of the gorgeous quilts!


Tuesday, September 26, 2006

My messy world

I get very jealous when i read my favorite crafty blogs everyday. Everyone seems to have things so together, with great photos of great project, photographed in their clean, well decorated houses. I wish i led the same life, but mine is messy. I attempted to decorate and gave my craft room a good cleaning and organizing a month ago. But i never quite finished because i wanted to get back to creating things instead of cleaning things. Creating things like the table runner i mentioned in my last post. Now normally when i upload my photos i spend time cropping. Cropping out my messy life, but tonight you can see a little bit of it. You can also see my daily uniform of skirt and flip flops!

The table runner has been basted and a few of the squares have been quilted. I decided to outline quilt each triangle and a square swirl (is that such a thing) on the squares. Anyways if you click the picture you'll have a better idea of what i'm talking about. I really love all of the fabrics from this charm pack although i wish there was a bigger variety of small, medium and large prints, i feel like there is not a lot of print contrast in the runner, although i definitely love the colors. I have a lot of little triangle scraps left over and i think they are going to be a matching pot holder. The last picture is of my favorite square in this project and the quilting.