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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Princess Starshell has a new home


Here is my entry for the whiplash competition over at Whipup. My parents are taking me, Seth and my sisters and brother to the beach this weekend, for some swimming and some fishing. I take crochet with me every where, class, work, to the movies, and of course the beach! I dont think i will take the crochet fishing though, Princess Starshell doesn't need a smelly blanket. So I wanted to make a fun new crochet bag that looked like a beach bag! I think I accomplished that with these fun bright colors!

Here is a side view of the bag, its about 4 inches deep. The reason i think this bag belongs in the skill category is because of all the modifications and upgrades I made to a basic square bottom tote. There is a large pocket across the front of the bag for holding trashy magazines that you only read on vacation. There are two narrow pockets on each side of the bag for pens, or extra crochet hooks. On the inside i made a fairly deep slash pocket to hold a pair of scissors, or anything else that doesn't need to tangle up the yarn.

And here is the afghan in her happy new home, you can see the hook poking out of the slash pocket. I'm afraid my afghan may outgrow the bag by the end of the weekend, she's getting big, i'll have to post updated pictures soon.

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Anonymous Dana said...

I love your new beach bag. It is very cool. The afghan is great as well.

5:36 AM  

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